The Positive Impact of Art on Kids

7 Benefits of Art for Children: Part 2

Reno art academy shares the 7 benefits of art for children

Earlier this month, we started a discussion about seven benefits of art for children. Our Reno art academy has had the opportunity to see first hand what art can do for young minds. The benefits truly are too numerous to count. However, we have chosen seven to highlight. If you missed the first blog, you can find it here. As for now, let’s round out our final four.

Visual Learning

Ever see a toddler pick up a smart phone and know how to use it better than you do? It is a reality of modern times. Visual learning is already one of the most important tools in a child’s tool belt and it will only become more prominent. Art, such as the sculpting we do at our Reno art academy, can help refine spatial and visual learning abilities.


Businesses are becoming more and more reliant on creative, innovative minds to push them forward. Your child will need to have these traits in order to become competitive in the future job market. They are qualities that are at the very heart of all art, for what is art if not creative?

Cultural Awareness

There is so much to learn by studying a culture’s art. Our Reno art academy accompanies all of our art projects with lessons that give historical and cultural context. As the world continues to grow into a global community, this knowledge will be crucial.

Academic Performance

We’ve been seeing it all along and science is now proving it. Kids who have art in their lives perform better in their academic studies. We think that this is because art frees the mind. A child rich in art can conceptualize their world in a manner that others simply cannot.

Our Reno art academy can help your child achieve greater goals. We are in the business of bringing the love of art to any young mind that wants it. Our program is taught by professionals who are well educated in various arts and teaching styles. We can’t wait to work with your child.



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