Our Method


Drawn2Imagine is an online art curriculum, for teachers, parents and schools to have an organized outline of progressive art lessons. Our outlined lesson plans are a structured curriculum that is progressive in what children should be learning and developing at specific stages in life. All our lessons aim to improve our students’ abilities to plan, make decisions and think resourcefully as well as teach patience and follow-through–it’s about expression, and learning through art.

There are few programs that will follow a toddler at the age of 2 all the way until they are preparing for college. Along the way we work to steadily build their skills starting with the fundamentals, fine and gross motor skill, and tactile and sensory skills. When they are ready, we move forward and begin exploring different techniques, themes, forms and even the history of master artists.

Our curriculum is centered around a three-step process:

  1. We have found that children are more focused when they get a warm-up. Therefore, we ask that you start all your teachings of our lessons with line stretches and breathing exercises.
  2. Our instruction begins with identification of the differences between subjects like thumbnail sketches and masterpieces. Having the children always practice once before moving onto the masterpiece. This develops problem-solving techniques along the way.
  3. For the finale, we ask that you conduct a “museum walk,” where you talk about what the children learned, whether it is a technique, artist or something else.

As children get older and break into their teens, replace the line stretches with the instruction block (provided in the lesson plans) that focuses on art history, visual arts, a specified technique or theme. This helps teens prepare for potentially studying arts in college.

Ultimately, the vision of our program is to use the instructional methods to create imaginative, creative and self-expressive individuals who are well equipped to not only survive, but thrive, bringing art to future generations.

Incorporating our 3-step method of 1. Learning 2. Practicing and Doing (thumbnail and masterpiece) 3. Concluded with an evaluation or museum walk. Will insure your child or children are building a deeper understanding with the project at hand. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Age groups and goals for each:

Mini Monet’s (2-4):
The goal for this session is for children to develop their sensory, fine and gross motor skills. Additionally, this session introduces them to the elements of art as an early childhood educational and developmental program. 

Petite Picasso’s (3-5):
The goal for this session is for children to build vocabulary and develop language skills. They will continue to build upon the elements of art and will be introduced to the principles of art. 

Mighty Michelangelo’s (6-10):
The goal for this session is for children to take the elements and principal’s of art and create a multitude of masterpieces through differing art forms, while using various tools and techniques. 

Witty Warhol’s (11-18):
The goal for this session is for teens to use various art techniques to construct their own masterpieces. They will be exploring art history, the elements and principles of art and discovering new ways to express themselves through art. 

About Kellie:
Kellie started building this curriculum in 2010. After spending time in public schools, in her studio with her own students, and plenty of research, Drawn2Imagine’s Curriculum was born. We have taken art projects that we feel are fun, expressive, and educational, and put them into sequences that are designed to build upon children’s overall developmental growth during the early stages of life.