Adult Art Classes in Reno

Adult Art Classes in Reno (kind of): Friday Night Date Night

After a long week of work and dealing with the worries of the world, it is normal to want a little reprieve. One of the adult art classes in Reno offered by Kids-N-Art may be just the ticket to allow you and your significant other to get out of the house. We call it Friday Night Date Night and it is geared to give your kids a fun and educational class to participate in while you make your little getaway.

Every Friday, from 6-8, we will engage your child in the world of art. It is possible that they will be having more fun than you while they are working on projects that will help them get a leg up developmentally on their art-starved peers. Art is a wonderful tool to help your child learn in a way that is naturally fun for them. This means that you get to drop your little ones off guilt-free to spend some quality time with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, co-worker … anyone you wish!

Our two-hour session is very affordable, probably less than you would pay a babysitter, and welcomes boys and girls from the ages of 3 to 10. The only stipulations we have are that you make a reservation at least one week in advance and that you go have some fun. Explore the city or sit down for a nice dinner; you can rest assured that your children are in great hands.

If you are looking for a night out, hang up the phone. Why leave them with a babysitter when you could be dropping them off to explore the world of art at Kids-N-Art? Treat yourself and them with a Reno youth art class that is just as adult friendly as it is kid friendly.

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