The Positive Impact of Art on Kids

Educational Summer Art Camps in Reno

IMG_5823With the school year coming to a close, one concern many parents have for their children is summer learning loss. Research suggests children score much lower on standardized tests at the beginning of the school year, right after a long summer break, than they do on the same test right before summer break begins. To make sure our children keep their brains active during the summer months, Drawn2Image now offers summer art camps in Reno.

Not only does signing your child up for a summer art camp ensure that your child’s mind will be stimulated over the break, but it gives your child a fun opportunity to spend time focusing on their artistic skills. While math and reading skills are crucial, art, which sometimes receives less focus throughout the school year, offers a different set of challenges for the mind.

Art improves problem-solving abilities, making children quicker on their feet. It helps children identify goals and invent creative solutions to accomplish the task they are working on. Art also helps children learn important communication skills, which can benefit them in the long run. Because art usually challenges them to represent something without words, they are able to activate and engage symbolism and imagery.

Drawn2Imagine’s summer art camps in Reno are an excellent way for your child to keep their mind engaged over summer. Our art camps are fun, and always safe, so you can be sure your child is enjoying their time with us, and that they are in good hands. We work to promote creativity and self-expression in your child, allowing them to use the summer to improve their skills while the school doors are closed.



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