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Getting Our Hands Dirty: Clay Class in Reno

The feel of working clay with your hands is an activity for adults and kids alike, though children aren’t in the least bit sky about getting their hands dirty like some adults might be. Our Clay Creations class in Reno is part of Dramn2Imagine’s regular semester. This means that with enrollment, your child is going to get the opportunity to participate without any additional tuition.

clay creations class in Reno

Michelle Laxalt

For our clay class in Reno, we usually work with three art forms: pinch pots, coil pots and hand building techniques. At Drawn2Imagine we do like to mix our lessons up quite a bit, so we do dive into some other forms. However, these three represent a great starting point. Just in case you have never heard of them before, we are going to explain them a bit here.
· Pinch Pots– This is a great introduction to working with clay. The children start with a ball of clay and methodically pinch it into shape. The bottom is usually pressed against the table to create a stable base and then the sides are built up from there.
· Coil Pots– This process usually starts the same way a pinch pot does with a ball that is worked and pressed into a base. Then coils are created to build the sides. As the coils are snaked around, they are pressed into shape.
· Hand Building Techniques– More of a broader term, it refers to working the clay by hand. However, it allows for more advanced methods of creating designs on the pot.

Working with clay is fun and easy to start, but it is a form that can never be mastered. This allows for our clay class in Reno to be as simple or as challenging as the vision the child has in their minds. For those unafraid of getting their hands dirty—we love being part of that group—clay is a great medium for creating amazing art. Before long you will have pots created by your child as ornaments in your home.

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