Getting Started

Drawn2Imagine has found that through art there are so many things happening for a child, not only creatively but academically. We have committed ourselves to providing a wonderful resource for teachers, parents and home-school educators with an art curriculum that will not only inspire, and enrich children but will also feed their growth academically.

To get started:

We suggest starting by picking the age group that is appropriate for the child or children you will be teaching.

Mini Monet’s – Pre-School: ages 2 1/2 – 4
Petite Picasso’s – Kindergarden: ages 3-5
Mighty Michelangelo’s – 1st through 5th grade: ages 6-10
Witty Warhol’s- 6th through high school: ages 11-18

D2I has built a large number of lesson plans over the last 4 years of having our location, teaching in public schools and teaching mobile art. We have incorporated a 3 step method to all our art lessons.

To learn about the 3 step method click here.