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Kids Art Programs NOW Make for More Talented Doctors, Teachers, Engineers, ___________s Later

gemma-nov-2013Here at Drawn2Imagine, we often discuss the vast benefits that exposure to the arts has on our youth. While your children look forward to having a blast molding clay, painting with their fingers, drawing with colored pencils, etc., there are countless benefits they are receiving while doing so–most of which are unbeknownst to them. As a parent, grand parent or guardian, you can rest assured that enrolling your little one in our Reno art classes is preparing them to be great at whatever it is they plan on doing later in life.

The arts have a lot of different meanings to the kids who are exposed to them regularly. Art is fun. Art is enriching. Art is exciting. Art is vibrant. The arts give our children an outlet to express themselves, enrich their creativity, work with others on teams, receive constructive feedback, laugh, learn and grow. In public schools, there has been a recent shift in the amount of focus the arts receive. A recent push to increase the attention given to science, technology, engineering and math (also known as the STEM fields), has caused attention to be stolen from other disciplines: namely the arts.

Yes, the direction of academics is always ebbing and flowing, and when one area gets more attention, it robs attention from other areas. Understandable. However, the apparent demand for more STEM emphasis is stifling the arts in many public schools–and along with the arts go the vital skills that our children learn when exposed consistently to the arts. Art programs like Drawn2Imagine are attempting to give our youth another outlet for art exposure outside of their regular schooling. Opportunities to study the arts allow youth to continue to strengthen crucial core skills such as creativity, confidence, problem-solving and perseverance–skills that will inevitably benefit them as they choose careers as doctors, teachers, engineers, astronauts, musicians, nurses, mechanics, construction managers, designers, or any other profession that prides these integral skills. The skills students gain by studying the arts will be useful for the rest of their lives.

Because exposure to the arts is proving in a number of studies to be so wildly beneficial to students, some advocates are working to add the arts into the discussion of focusing on STEM disciplines. The idea of transforming education emphasis from STEM to STEAM (with the A standing for art) is getting a lot of discussion amongst school administrators, parents and those who strongly believe in the lifelong benefits of studying art.

The valuable skills children gain when studying the arts remind us that the arts promote skills that are vital to academic, career and life success. At Drawn2Imagine, we strongly believe that the arts are necessary ingredients to a well balanced education. Our Reno art program for kids is here to complement their regular schooling (or prepare them for schooling if they are younger than five years old), and help them to gain the skills that will allow them to work toward fruitful, happy and healthy lives.


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