Nevada Day Kid’s Art Camp in Reno

Nevada Day Kid's Art Camp in Reno

Nevada Day! What is it and what does it have to do with our kid’s art camp in Reno??

Back in the height of the Civil War, the Union was in need of silver. This presented an opportunity for the Territory of Nevada to help in the war efforts. Nevada contains rich deposits of silver (on a side note, while Nevada is known for silver and California known for gold, Nevada has yielded far more gold than California, and California far more silver than Nevada). Nevada was admitted into the Union on October 31, 1864. However, it wasn’t until 1933 that our state officially recognized the day as Nevada Day. Then, in 1999, the state legislature decided to celebrate Nevada Day on the last Friday of October. This year, Nevada Day falls on October 25th. The kids will be out of school for the day, but don’t worry; we have some fun activities lined up for them at our Nevada Day Kid’s Art Camp in Reno.

There will be many events across our state to celebrate our admission into the Union, but Nevada as a state is a rare breed. Most states in the U.S. do very little, if anything, to acknowledge their admission into the Union. In Nevada, we are very proud of our heritage and this will be reflected in our kid’s art camp in Reno. We will be focusing on Nevada’s great tradition of art and cultural significance. Included will be lessons about the mining industry and Great Basin National Park. We guarantee that they will learn something new. For example, did you know that there is still a glacier in Nevada? Yep, no lie!

Our Nevada Day Kid’s Art Camp in Reno will also feature some very fun and exciting art projects. Two of the projects we will be working on are bristlecone pines and making art with strings. It promises to be a great, educational day. Don’t let your child miss out. Sign them up for our Nevada Day Kid’s Art Camp in Reno and we will share our love of this great state.

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