General, The Positive Impact of Art on Kids

Nurture Important Values through Fine Arts Programs in Reno


Art is an amazing medium for sharing valuable principles with children. At Drawn2Imagine we direct our instruction to opening up their eyes to a world that can seem impossibly large. As they gain a knowledge and appreciation for art from every corner of the globe, they also begin to understand other cultures. This promotes acceptance and a connection to their fellow man. Read more

Diversity awareness and the importance of tolerance cannot be expected to be natural characteristics of children. It can be easy for adults to forget just how little of the world their child has seen, compared to them. At Drawn2Imagine, we promote curiosity and imagination–two fundamental keys to creating art. Also, our students are directed towards building compassion and even acceptance of people that are different from what they have become acquainted with in their life so far.


When we present art from other cultures, we are showing important factors that give a glimpse into the very souls of the people, inspiring their curiosity. After discussing the art, we usually ask our students to create their own version of the work. This puts their imaginations to work, allowing them to dive into the world of the other culture. By applying a hands-on, imagination-on approach, exploring these other cultures becomes much more real than is possible from only reading about them in a book.

Developing a familiarity with other cultures is effectively accomplished through our fine arts programs in Reno. We deliver an education that uses art as a means to accomplish great breakthroughs in our students’ understandings. Plus, art is naturally fun for children, and when they are having fun, learning feels more like play, which increases retention. Drawn2Imagine is far more than just a place to keep kids busy after school or during the summer. Instead, we are a fully developed Reno Art Academy.

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