The Positive Impact of Art on Kids

Reno Art Classes Encourage Self-Expression and Develop Personal Identity

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At Kids-N-Art, we inspire our students to have fun. Our Reno art classes offer valuable opportunities for children to have new, engaging experiences to really pull them out of their shells. It is hard to be shy in our classes. We challenge our students to express themselves, reassuring them with positive feedback every step of the way. This does wonders for a child’s ability to develop self-expression and personal identity.

 For many kids, the development of personal identity beyond simply being a boy or girl, someone with blonde hair or brown, doesn’t really hit full steam until they are in middle school. But participating in activities such as those provided by Kids-N-Art can stimulate this process sooner and give them a head start. Kids can leave our classes understanding that they are good at drawing, good at painting or good at sculpting. By the time they get into middle school they will already have a positive sense of self to insulate against the other challenges, like puberty, that also come at this age.


This is also a time that self-expression can become more difficult to achieve effectively. Anyone who has ever had a conversation with a twelve year old can attest to the presence of some awkwardness in their ability to communicate clearly. Art can offer another avenue of self-expression. Simply giving the ability to effectively express what is on their minds can be extremely valuable in their development.

We have art classes in Reno that are designed for children of all ages. These classes are designed to be challenging and educational, but they go even further. They offer your child an avenue to master self-expression and a chance to develop a positive sense of self. The positive effects on how they progress into adulthood are immense. Enrolling your child into one of our afterschool art classes in Reno can help them truly reach their potential in life.

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