Art Programs in Reno- General Information, The Positive Impact of Art on Kids

Reno Art Classes Level The Learning Field Across Socioeconomic Boundaries

IMG_4482Across the nation, the arts have been gaining attention for the educational benefits they can bring to the growth and development of children. The truth is that they have the ability to bring striking differences in children of all social and economic backgrounds. As programs that encourage the arts gain more momentum there has been some striking feedback about how well they are actually going. According to Americans for the Arts, exposing children to art has “proven to help level the learning field across socioeconomic boundaries.” Regardless of where they came from, or how much money their parents made, children received a relatively equal amount of growth from participating in classes and it spills over into their other courses as well.

All too often, children who come from lower income families do not perform as well in school. It is a problem that educators have been trying to address for decades with few truly revolutionary results. However, “arts-engaged low-income students tend to perform more like higher-income students and are four times more likely to have high academic achievement.” This statement, also issued by the Americans for the Arts is astounding. It proves art is not an extracurricular for children, but rather a core necessity.

At Kids-N-Art, we offer fine arts programs in Reno that will help take your child to the next level. Art creates fundamental growth in the development of children and the benefits they gain here will make a difference in their regular studies as well. Children starved of art are missing out on potential benefits such as better decision making, higher levels of focus and a free flowing imagination. Our Reno art classes can ensure that your child is receiving a fundamental part of a well-rounded education.


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