All Four Sessions
(16 weeks of lessons)

Two Sessions
(8 weeks of lessons)

One Session
(4 weeks of lessons)

Petite Picasso’s Session Curriculum Outline:

Session 1 (Every Lesson should use our 3-Step Method)


  1. Mickey Mouse, going a step further with Stamping, learning the importance of patterns and use of colors.
  2. Paul Klee Portraits, learning to use drawing and painting techniques to create portraits in the style of Paul Klee. To learn about complimentary colors.
  3. Pop Art Handprint and names, practicing color mixing and printmaking techniques. Practice spelling their names and learning the principles of pop art.
  4. Hand print Jungle Animals, to engage the child’s tactile senses and to create hand print animals while learning about different jungle animals.

Session 2


  1. I Aint Gonna Paint No More Silhouettes, experimenting with different painting tool furthering their practice in learning shapes, patterns and unity.
  2. Rainbow Fingerprint Birds, building sensory and tactile awareness while using the color wheel.
  3. Cloud Painting, learning about symmetry.
  4. Paper bowl Turtles, Students will build fine motor skills through cutting with scissors, gluing, and working with small objects.

Session 3


  1. Handprint Flowers, engaging tactile senses and to use their hand to create a masterpiece.
  2. Koi Fish, use of painting techniques to create an underwater scene seen from above learning perspective.
  3. Shapes and color mixing with marbled paper, learning their shapes furthering their practice in the printmaking technique.
  4. Stamped Birds in a Tree, Learning stamping, painting and drawing simple lines to create a masterpiece.

Session 4


  1. Rocket ship collage, learning about space, and painted paper technique, collaging and composition.
  2. Andy Warhol Cat, to gain knowledge of the artist and pop art. Kids will be learning the general placing of a face of a cat in sitting position for the the body.
  3. Peit Mondrain Inspired Collage, learning colors and shapes. Fine and gross motor skills and patterns, putting pieces together to create unity.
  4. Leaf Mandala Sun catcher, To use natural objects like leaves in conjunction with contact paper and construction paper to make sun catchers.