The Positive Impact of Art on Kids

The Amazing Benefits of Exposing Youth to Art

For the past few years, there has been a strong political push to bring American children to much higher standards in math and science. Without careful consideration, this initiative could cause an imbalance in a school’s curriculum because teachers will be encouraged to dedicate less time for art programs in order to meet the new standards. While gaining better skills in math and science will undeniably be beneficial for them, eliminating art from their lives denies them some very important developmental tools.

As we know, the left side of the brain is involved in logical thinking and analytical processes, which are commonly exercised in math and science. The right side of the brain generates emotional perception, intuition and creativity, all of which are generally not exercised in math or science. Art is much better suited to give the right side of the brain a challenge. Even better, many of the projects we do as part of our Kids-N-Art youth art classes in Reno are crafted to exercise both sides of the brain, which strengthens the connection between the two hemispheres. Therefore, in order to achieve the full potential of the brain, kids should be exposed to the arts as their cognitive skills mature, facilitating balanced brain development.

According to Kimberly Sheridan, Ed.D., coauthor of Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education, “It’s not as easy to test the skills that children learn from the arts, but that doesn’t make them any less important.” She noted though that participating in art programs increases a child’s ability to:

·      Observe the world carefully and discard preconceptions in order to envision something and then create it
·      Go beyond just learning a skill to express a personal voice
·      Problem-solve and persist despite frustration and setbacks
·      Reflect on the results and ask what could improve them (taken from “Benefits of Arts to Kids”)

Kids-N-Art provides after-school art programs in Reno. Each class is designed to challenge your child, but in a way that just feels like play. With our educational program, your child will enjoy themselves as they develop both the left and right sides of their brains, building the connection between the two. They will have fun as they broaden their perspectives and overcome preconceptions. We have Reno art classes starting every week, so sign up and let the fun begin.

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