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What to Expect from Your Child’s Afterschool Art Program in Reno

When researching for an afterschool program in Reno, there are several aspects to consider before making a selection. With so many options out there, you can afford to be picky. Most parents understand that not every program is a perfect fit for their child’s individual needs. However, at Kids-N-Art we provide a variety of programs that are sure to create a match for your child, but while they are diverse, all of our programs have three traits in common. We believe that these are the most important, the kinds of qualities we would consider for our own children.

Safety– Trusting someone with the care of your child is not easy to do. It can be well warranted to worry about their safety when you are not around. This is why Kids-N-Art is dedicated to providing the safest environment for your child that is possible. We only use materials that are designed to be safe for children to use, but as a further precaution, children are never left unsupervised.

Engaging– Children naturally love art. Our Reno art programs are designed to take this love and foster it by providing engaging exercises. Far beyond simply giving a child a crayon and a coloring book, our classes are structured and goal-oriented. Our promise is that your child will find every class appropriately challenging.

Inspirational– There is no feeling like overcoming challenges. It allows a child to truly understand how much they are capable of accomplishing. It opens the mind to new possibilities and builds self-confidence. When combined with the genuinely inspiring qualities of art, your child will be well positioned to dream, and dream big, knowing that they can do anything they set their minds to.

As we hold these three qualities to be pinnacle in our approach, we believe that we will be able to reach your child. There are typical programs out there that will simply look after your child until you get off work, but Kids-N-Art is anything but typical. We provide educational programs for kids in Reno–classes that are safe, engaging and inspirational. We truly hope that you choose us for your child’s afterschool art program in Reno.

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